Spend a week on a serene mediterranean island for the training of a lifetime.

Take the journey to develop your peak brainpower with two world class teachers.

We bring you the best in neuroscience technology and ancient meditation techniques in a beautiful location with fresh mediterranean cuisine and a fantastic group of people.

The dream set up for developing your full mental potential awaits...


Waking up every morning in your mediterranean island sanctuary.


Unplugging from your busy schedule and relaxing into every moment.


Feasting on three healthy, delicious Mediterranean meals every day.



Entering a safe and supported brain training space where you can harness greater mind power.


Connecting with an intimate group of global entrepreneurs.



Swimming, snorkeling and sailing the sea in the warm summer breeze.


Exploring remote sandy beaches and other islands by boat.

Join award-winning neuroscientist Dr. Lana Morrow and master-trained meditation teacher Hunter Cressman for the transformative experience of a lifetime.

On our retreat, you will receive personalized InFocus Brain Training and learn Vedic Meditation. Our paired approach of cutting-edge technology and ancient knowledge is designed to enhance your mind-brain-body connection to optimize your peak performance for lasting results. These methods and techniques are recognized as being some of the most advanced and efficient in the world. 

Dr. Lana Morrow will train you with InFocus: a state-of-the-art neuro-technical device that enables the brain to reach a very relaxed, yet super-focused state of ideal brain activity. With personalize training, you will experience how the restorative properties of the InFocus program naturally heal the brain and body with dopamine and oxytocin hormones in a non-invasive way.

Hunter Cressman will teach you Vedic Meditation in the peaceful setting of the hotel and pristine beaches. This style of meditation is considered to be the most effortless, yet most effective natural means to release stress from the body. You will learn how to become self-sufficient in meditation, allowing you to bring this soul-nourishing practice into your daily life.

The combination of InFocus Brain Training paired with meditation will refine your mind and brain to a higher capacity. Scientifically measured results will be taken to show you the outcome of your training at the completion of the retreat.

You will leave our restorative week on the mediterranean with a far greater and more balanced sense of self, having the keys to unlock the infinite potential of your mind.


Lana Morrow, PhD, is the Founder and CEO of Focus Forum, which provide patients with non-invasive, non-pharmacological methods for the diagnosis and remediation of ADD/ADHD, Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, and age-related cognitive capacity, memory and focus deficits. Dr. Morrow’s vision is to help improve the quality of life for children and adults using simple, non-invasive systems. Collaborating with top scientists and engineers from leading universities around the world, Dr. Morrow conducts multidisciplinary clinical research and develops hardware and software products for the purpose of delivering tangible benefits to millions around the globe.

More about Dr. Morrow


Hunter Cressman, a former engineer, is a qualified teacher of Vedic Meditation offering private instruction and monthly courses in NYC, California and abroad. He is a skilled expert trained in the Himalayas of India under pre-eminent master-teachers. Hunter has personally taught hundreds of people worldwide how to become self-sufficient in the Vedic Meditation technique. He is dedicated to showing students how to blend daily meditation into modern life and how to empower themselves with practical wisdom to re-engineer their lives from the inside out.

More about Hunter Cressman

Ponza, Italy, the location of our retreat, is a magnificent island situated in the Mediterranean Sea just South of Rome and North of Capri.

This beautiful island was once a Roman emperor’s vacation home and is beloved by many for its spectacular views, ocean breezes and clear waters.

Upon arrival at Rome Fiumicino Airport on the morning of July 9th, our drivers will be waiting to accompany you to the little port of Anzio, one hour South of Rome.

In Anzio, we will take a scenic hovercraft ferry ride for one hour to the island of Ponza. The hotel is about a three minute taxi ride from the port.


Fresh mediterranean cuisine is on the menu for the entire stay.


Prepared by our local Italian friends Cristiano and Luisa at Acqua e Farina and by the expert chefs at Santa Domitilla.



We will also enjoy a candle-lit dinner in a sea grotto restaurant, reachable exclusively by boat, where we will have a locally prepared, exquisite dinner in a unique island setting.

Food has never felt more refreshing!


*Retreat meals can be accommodated for vegans and vegetarians.

All food served during this retreat will be locally sourced and many will be plant-based.

6 nights / 7 days

Saturday, July 9th - Friday, July 15th


Day 1 - Saturday, July 9th

Morning Arrival in Rome, our cars will be waiting at Flumicino Airport

11:00am Departing for the port of Anzio, one hour car ride Anzio-Ponza, one hour ferry ride

Afternoon Arrival at the Hotels

5:00pm Welcome Meeting & Introduction


Day 2 - Sunday, July 10th

Neuroscience Course Day 1

InFocus Training - Individual Private Sessions with Lana

Vedic Meditation Course Day 1 - Individual Private Sessions with Hunter

Pool Time and Island Exploration


Day 3 - Monday, July 11th

Neuroscience Course Day 2 - Intro to Techniques: fMRI & EEG 30

InFocus Training - Individual Private Sessions with Lana

Vedic Meditation Course Day 2 with Hunter

Boats to Explore Remote Beaches


Day 4 - Tuesday, July 12th

Neuroscience Course Day 3 - Benefits of Meditation

Vedic Meditation Course Day 3 with Hunter

Pool, Beaches, Explore Town


Day 5 - Wednesday, July 13th

Sailboat Excursion


Day 6 - Thursday, July 14th

Neuroscience Course Day 4 - Comparison of EEG Results Before & After Training

Vedic Meditation Course Day 4 with Hunter

Pool, Beaches, Explore Town


Day 7 - Friday, July 15th

Morning Departure

Arrivederci Ponza!



This retreat is for anyone who desires to live their most authentic life while bringing their mind and body to a higher level of optimal health.


We are happy to offer a range of pricing for the all-inclusive retreat week. The program pricing ranges from $4,950 - $6,950 depending on the room category. This pricing includes lodging, meals and drinks at our group dinners, Vedic Meditation Course, neuroscience seminars, yoga sessions, private sailing tour, two private brain training sessions per person, and final brain training analyses and results. 

Costs do not include mandatory travel insurance and flights. Meals and any alcoholic or non-alcoholic beverages, snacks or food ordered outside of our pre-planned menus will be served at additional cost.


Depending on how you would like to experience inFocus, we have rooms in two different hotels, with pricing across levels.

There are different room types at our two hotel properties, as well as three luxury suites.


Our retreat manager Gabby will be happy to connect you with the right person to share a room with.


We will be glad to recommend many options. Kindly email us for further information.


Yes. Proof of Travel Insurance is required prior to departing for the InFocus Retreat. We want to make sure everyone is covered in case of some unforeseen circumstance that would require the trip to be cancelled. Gabby will be requesting a copy of your insurance certificate. We recommend looking at www.travelinsurance.com for a comprehensive round-up of available policies based on your personal details & requirements.

The minimum insurance coverage requirements to attend InFocus Retreat are:

Trip Cancellation - $10,000

  Trip Interruption - $12,000

  Medical Evacuation - $1,000,000

Medical Protection - $50,000


The following fees will apply as of the date of receipt of written cancellation notice.

Minimum Fee: $1,000 per person non-refundable cancellation charge.

46+ days prior to arrival: an additional cancellation fee of 10% of total trip cost.

31-45 days prior to arrival: an additional cancellation fee of 20% of total trip cost.

30 days or less prior to arrival: 100% of total trip cost will be charged.


Please email us at  eventinfo@infocusforum.com