“THINK is very impressive; it is the state-of-the-art brain training device. The future will be this kind of device, making the link between the machine and the brain.”
— Jean Christophe Corvol, M.D., PH.D.; Michael J. Fox Foundation physician and advisor, Professor in Neuro-Pharmacology, Pitié-Salpêtrière Hospital;  ICM Institute for Brain & Spine, Paris
“After THINK sessions I became much more focused and my mind became organized.  Although initially we approached the process with a bit of doubt, the results are amazing!  My decision making process is more assertive, and I have less anxiety. My overall health is improved and I recovered faster from my surgery. We had the fortune to encounter Dr. Morrow through a friend, after the difficult consequences of powerful anesthesia.”
— HRH Princess Maria Beatrice di Savoia of Italy
“Particularly interesting part of the Galileo2000 Award is the THINK brain device. Very impressive!”
— Roberto Vittori, NASA Mission Specialist for Space Lab
“THINK device has proven to be functional and creates reliable signals.”
— Sase S, Herman J; Honeybee Robotics Space Engineering, NASA affiliate
“The sessions that I took this summer helped me gain focus, my studying and my grades have improved. My batting in baseball has gotten better.  Think helped me tremendously!”
— Koda H. 16 y.o. high school student, Princeton
“The sessions with THINK have radically improved my concentration and my ability to focus; my levels of happiness have increased notably.  The change is significant.”
— A. S. MBA,  Yale University