Frequency specific brain training for peak performance

The THINK patented brain training system was developed through collaborative efforts among the world’s top laboratories and institutions. Industry partners include scientists and representatives from: Columbia University, New York University Langone Health, Mount Sinai Hospital, Pitie-Salpetriere Hospital in Paris, and La Sapienza University in Rome. THINK's beneficial results are scientifically validated, and all claims are peer reviewed.

Our brain training system employs a state-of-the-art brain to computer interface, THINK is non-invasive, neuroscience-based, frequency specific neuro-feedback, which is unlike any other device or system. Validated by correlated, double-blind sham-proof randomized clinical studies conducted in concert with top international institutions, the THINK system generates new neuronal pathways in the brain, strengthening the areas responsible for attention, executive function, organization and planning.



THINK helps your brain create dopamine, which increases attention, focus, resilience and speed of thought

THINK decreases stress, making you more effective, efficient, and happy, with immediate and durable results

THINK is natural and non-invasive while also being fun and relaxing, only taking 20 minutes twice weekly sessions.



After 5 sessions: sharpened focus, improved relaxation, uplifted mood, decreased stress.

After 10 sessions: brain will begin creating new, more efficient, pathways, improving neuroplasticity and cognitive performance.

After 15 sessions: increased clarity and work efficiency, across the boardstrong performance.    

After 20 sessions: durably improved attention, focus, mood, executive functioning, resilience, and pace of thought.



You sit comfortably in front of a computer, wearing the lightweight THINK headband, which is used to interface with and play our neurogame. The 20 minute sessions are relaxing, fun, effective and efficient, providing an immediate boost to your day. To achieve lasting and durable results, the THINK system is normally done in a series of 20 sessions, twice weekly.